Iozone degradation on FU740

I have executed iozone benchmark on Fu540 & Fu740. I see the degradation in IO-read operations with FU740.

Steps to build and execute iozone:

  1. git clone GitHub - pantheon-systems/iozone: iozone filesystem benchmark, based on v. 3_414
  2. cd iozone/src/current
  3. make CFLAGS=-fcommon linux
  4. ./iozone -a

I am trying to find reason of degradation for io-read operations.
How to get difference between hardware, software & other of U54 & U74?


I think we need more details. What results are you seeing? On what filesystems?

PFA for results of U74 vs U54 for ext4 filesystem.


What is this data? What are the axes? What are the units in the body of the table. Is bigger better, or is smaller better?

I observe that every number in the first 8 columns is bigger for the “U74” than for the “U54” – in some cases more than twice as large e.g. the 64/32 entry. It’s never smaller by more than about 10%.