Crypsetup performance

I want to know about crypto HW and Sw details about RISCV64 platform. Could anyone please help me with it?
Already went through SiFive’s new open security details, Shield and WorldGuard unveiled! | RISC-V 協会 | RISC-V Alliance Japan


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You’ll probably need to be a bit more specific about what exactly you’re looking for and how this relates to the HiFive Unmatched in particular?

Thank you for replying.
I have executed cryptsetup benchmark on FU740 & RPI4B platform. So for FU740 results are very low so for finding the reason for low performance going through crypto differences in both platforms.


Again, if you want feedback on something specific then you need to provide some context and details for others to respond to/on. You give absolutely no details of how you approached compiling and running the benchmark on the two platforms, what results you get, what differences arise etc.

Build & Execution steps:
git clone “GitHub - phoronix-test-suite/phoronix-test-suite: The Phoronix Test Suite open-source, cross-platform automated testing/benchmarking software.
cd phoronix-test-suite
./phoronix-test-suite install system/cryptsetup
./phoronix-test-suite benchmark system/cryptsetup


As shown in attached image, there is a huge difference in results.

Please let me know if any other details are required.


Aren’t you comparing apples with oranges here?
The Arm target has faster CPU and RAM and you’re also using different kernels.

You probably need some way to normalise results so that they can be compared directly.
E.g. like the way that Dhrystone or CoreMark facilitate direct comparisons.

Apart from that you should probably also profile and analyse the code in each case instead of just looking at the final results.

RISC-V also has various optional extensions that might help with crypto software performance.

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Thank you will check on it.