How to select Ariane core in freedomstudio

Hi I am currently working on Ariane core and I wish to use freedom studio to debug and compile the program. Can you help me to set up freedom studio to work on Ariane core downloaded from below repo:

Thanks in advance.

The SiFive freedom studio releases only support SiFive parts, and Ariane is not a SiFive part. If you are familiar with Eclipse, you might be able to write the hooks necessary to add Ariane support. I don’t know Eclipse, so I can’t give you pointers on that.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for your reply,
Can you share me the RISCV IP used in SiFive, this will be helpful for me to move forward.

Thanks in advance.

Our RISC-V IP must be licensed. We have boards that you can purchase which would be cheaper than licensing an IP Core. The HiFive1 RevB is a cheap board for embedded work, and the HiFive Unmatched is an expensive board for linux work. Our eclipse package should work with both of those.