Freedom Studio Beta 3

(Drew) #1

We are proud to announce the availability of Freedom Studio Beta 3 as well updated binary releases of the GCC Toolchain and OpenOCD. You can download the new releases from the link below:

Whats Changed

  • Moved to the latest Eclipse, CDT
  • Auto detect toolchain path on first run
  • SiFive Eclipse perspective
  • Moved to the latest GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Plugins including the Peripheral register viewer with support for SiFive devices.
  • Create new SiFive projects from the File --> New Project menu
  • newlib-nano support in the toolchain for significantly smaller binaries

Please let us know if you have and questions or comments. Happy coding!

(Donnie Agema) #2

Some problems I am having

(Dave) #3

Donnie, among the open job positions SiFive are currently advertising I noticed this:

Hiring a whole developer (as opposed to those fractional developers) to focus almost solely on the tooling is quite a big influx of resources, so I’m sure your issues will be addressed thoroughly.

(Donnie Agema) #4

Thanks, Dave. That is good to hear. Drew did respond quickly and competently. And, of course, I do realize that a beta version is bound to have some issues coming up. Reporting my issues is my small way of contributing.:smile:

(Drew) #5

Thanks Donnie, Dave. We take feedback very seriously as we want to have the best product possible. We have big plans for Freedom Studio over the next year, so stay tuned! In the meantime, please let us know anytime you have questions.