Freedom Studio Beta 7

It has been a while, and many of you may have noticed that we have been rolling out new beta’s of Freedom Studio recently. Today we are proud to announce the availability of Freedom Studio Beta 7 as well as updated binary releases of the GCC Toolchain and OpenOCD. You can download the new releases from the page below:

Changes in Beta7:

  • GNU Toolchain + OpenOCD:
    • Fixed setting breakpoints on 2-byte aligned addresses
    • Added 2 new multilibs: rv32imafdc and rv64imafc
    • GNU and OpenOCD documentation is now included
  • Freedom Studio:
    • Added Browse Tools Docs (Ctrl+0) command for access to HTML docs
    • Added config fields for managing HW Breakpoint Resources
    • Added config fields for managing Register View List Files

Multiple people have been hitting a lack of rv32ia[c] multilibs