Freedom Studio Compiler Options for HiFive1 Rev B


I’m attempting to modify the example hello and coremark projects to emit only 32-bit code and I’m having a tough time figuring out how to generate builds that don’t used compressed instructions. The Eclipse compiler settings are usually under Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings, but I’m not seeing this anywhere. How can I modify this? Is there a way to tell the build system to only generate 32-bit instructions?

(Drew) #2

Freedom Studio now uses makefile projects. The ISA string can be edited by opening up the file in the bsp/sifive-hifive1-revb folder and editing the RISCV_ARCH variable to the desired ISA.

For example chaning it RISCV_ARCH=rv32im should to the trick.


Thanks! That did the trick - I had initially tried just stripping the “c” from RISCV_ARCH, but was getting configuration errors. I guess the atomic instructions require “c” as well? At any rate, that works. Thanks again!