Freedom Studio IDE Not Wanting to build to the HiFive1 RevB

(Penguin) #1

I’m on linux and I’m trying to use the Freedom Studio IDE to build to the HiFive1.

I’ve been through the manual, and I believe I’ve “installed” it correctly. I downloaded the tarball and unzipped it. I then run Freedom Studio, create a new project (C project>makefile>SiFive). But when I try to debug or run the example projects, I get the following error:

Exception occurred during launch.

Missing mandatory configuration. Fill-in the ‘Config options:’ field in the debugger tab.

I know where to add stuff to this section, but the manual says nothing about adding anything so I have no idea what this section even wants. What am I doing wrong?


You need to fill in RISC-V into the target name field. I remember that blocked me from running at least. But even after that all I get from the studio is the board blinking red LED and nothing in the output.

I’m just using the cmdline tools for now.

(Penguin) #3

See I’m having the opposite problem. I can read the serial monitor, but I can’t get anything to compile or push to the board. I’m just going to go to doing it in the terminal. There’s very little documentation on the ide =/

(Ty) #4

Sorry to be a Toal newb, but where is the target name field?

(Penguin) #5

for jlink, go to debug configuration, debug, target name or device name and add “fe310”. I might be wrong about it being in the debug tab, if its not there check startup or config.

(Ty) #6

@penguinwashere Thank you very much. The FE310 setting made a difference.