Haiku runs on HiFive Unmatched

I finally managed to run Haiku on real HiFive Unmatched hardware.

Post on Haiku forum: https://discuss.haiku-os.org/t/my-progress-on-real-risc-v-hardware/10963.

Note that some information (CPU frequency, copyright year) in about window is currently wrong.

Patchset and test USB image is available here: GitHub - X547/Haiku-riscv: Haiku port to RISC-V architecture. SD card is not supported, use USB or NVMe.


That is pretty cool. I remember seeing BeOS while in college and being really interested in it then the company went bust or disappeared. Good to see it still being cared for and developed.

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Hopefully it’s still as fast and lightweight as it (and Linux) were in the 90s!


Ffmpeg and graphics editor is compiled. System is already quite stable. Software video decoding is quite slow.

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Just posting a short update here. Haiku’s mainline source code is now inching towards booting on the Unmatched thanks to X512’s hard work. (at the moment, X512’s branch is booting to a full desktop. mainline haiku is booting into our kernel)

Here’s a high level view for anyone interested:

  • u-boot on an SD card
  • Write Haiku’s RISC-V image to a USB drive
  • Boot Haiku on the Unmatched via EFI

I submitted this to u-boot to make things a little easier:

tldr; I feel like making your SD card “Just firmware (aka u-boot)” and loading the OS from a USB drive / NVMe makes sense as a model for operating systems to follow.

The MMC access speed is slow, and breaking apart os from firmware means projects can release generic “rv64gc” operating system images that “just boot via EFI” on riscv64 hardware



ive gotta give this a try when i have some more time!

Now you download nightly Haiku image and run on HiFive Unmatched

RISCV64 - Unsupported Builds | Haiku Files (haiku-os.org)


Not yet, but close. This patch chain should be merged for functional system: https://review.haiku-os.org/c/haiku/+/4494.

lol I thought it was done :smiley:

I just merged several more patches last night. X512’s work took place in a forked repository, and a lot of cleanup work was needed to make it “upstreamable”.

Upstream Haiku is roughly two “workaround” patches away from booting to a desktop on the SiFive Unmatched:

With the two patches above applied to Haiku’s source code, Haiku is booting on my SiFive unmatched. We include our radeon_hd video card driver… which works just fine on RISCV64.


How far along is it now? :slight_smile:
Any subjective feeling about the actual performance of Haiku on the unmatched? Is AMD like 550 etc also supported?

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