Booting Haiku with EDK2

I installed haiku to the nvme disk。When boot with edk2,it got stuck。

These are the last few lines when it appears to be stuck:

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Go talk to the people developing EDK2 for RISC-V and the HiFive Unmatched specifically then? I don’t believe SiFive are at all involved in that.

Hey! I have a few tips for running Haiku on the unmatched.

Other recommendations:

  • Avoid having an NVMe installed. (it may work… however definitely don’t put a BFS filesystem on it) Our bootloader has issues choosing disks at the moment.
  • Serial is being weird in the latest images… you might get junk on the serial terminal after jumping into the kernel
  • For a video card… AMD Radeon is generally the best supported. The older Radeon HD 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx all work great.
  • For network… i’m using a Realtek Wifi card. Haiku supports it well. Later Intel Wifi can work too… but i’ve had issues. usb_asix network devices work… but network activity is unreliable.

Remember, early days and we only have 1-2 people working on it :slight_smile:. I’m currently staring at my Unmatched slowly manually compiling python3 so we can really start cranking out software ports for it.


hello Alex

Has the problem been fixed?
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