GPIOs of hifive unleashed are not available on the internet as i was trying to make a project on the kit which is smart lock so i need GPIOs driver to access the kit’s GPIOs to lock or unlock the electric lock

Are you running Linux or bareiron?
There are Linux and Uboot drivers.

The linux patch doesn’t seem to have made it upstream yet but it’s here:

Anyhow you’d have to be more specific in your question to get more specific answers.

Hi Syedusama,

Gpio driver is not yet upstreamed to mainline kernel.

You can apply the following patch to mainline kernel which is working fine on Hi-Five Unleashed Board that serves your purpose i,e GPIOs to lock or unlock the electric lock

git clone

It looks iike the SiFive GPIO driver was upstreamed as of v5.6-rc1, .