GLIR: An Open-Source Terminal Based Graphics Library for RISC-V

(Taylor Zowtuk) #1

We have developed an open-source (MIT license) graphics library in RISC-V which abstracts out the terminal escape sequences that are used to perform various functions such as changing display graphics and controlling cursor movement. GLIR can be run by using either RARS (master branch) or Freedom Studio (FreedomStudio branch). GLIR was designed to enable beginner assembly programmers to include visual elements in their work by allowing production of graphical assembly programs. In previous semesters we have used a MIPS version of the library in labs for an introductory computer architecture course. Attached you can find some examples of programs created using the library (Julia Fractals png, Game of Life gif).

A further introduction and detailed documentation for GLIR can be found at:

while the repository itself can be found at:

Feel free to ask any questions here and I would be happy to answer. If you have any suggestions or notice any issues feel free to make a post in the repository issues section.JuliaFractal

(Taylor Zowtuk) #2

Here is the GIF of the game of life (new users can only include one image so I had to reply including it).GOL