Freedom Studio lacks some library like libpthread, librt,

(daiw) #1

I hope these normal library (.so and .a) can be integrated into next release.
Now I can use my own built riscv-gnu-toolchain to replace the one in FreedomStudio to resolve this issue.

(Drew) #2

The toolchain included in Freedom Studio is meant for embedded, bare metal, development and so does not include the thread libraries.

I’d be interested in learning more about what you are working on if you can share. Things like processor, (RT)OS, etc… are all good data points for us.

(daiw) #3

Thanks for your clarification.
I am trying to program some Linux APP running on RISC-V cores like U54 with support of pthread, math lib and so on.
And I also want to program E51 (in HiFive Unleashed) which can communicate with the Linux APP on U54 via
shared memory.