FreedomStudio QEMU Debugging error issue


I tried to run QEMU Debugging on IDE.
But Debugger gave me an unknown error

Please save me from this issue.


What steps did you do to get to this point?

I was idiot.

I didn’t specify a machine…

IDE did not specify it automatically. I thought it would be configured by tool. my mistake.

(+ Added : 2020.06.24)

But, E20 core evaluation IP I have got in ‘core designer’ is not working properly when it is imported and processed on QEMU even though i create a ‘sifive-welcome’ sample project without editting something.

(Hifive1-revB on QEMU works great.) 9.26 MB

I attached my projects.
Could someone help me?

Freedom Studio only has out-of-the-box support for QEMU projects if they are based on the QEMU bsp’s from freedom-e-sdk. The QEMU bsp’s contains a qemu.cfg file that contains the needed options for QEMU to run correctly. QEMU cannot be configured to match your core evaluation IP from ‘core designer’, so it is very likely that it will not work at all. Currently you should only use QEMU for developing general SW, and when you want to make it work for a specific real target, you should run and develop the SW against an RTL simulation or real HW, like an Arty FPGA board.