FreedomStudio not work

Hi all,

The sifive freedomstudio why always not work ? And every time has different error that so wired ! Who can tell me how to use it and the reason why failed.

If I understand your problem right, you generated a Hello World application using the RISC-V template.

Well, the purpose of this application is only to demonstrate a build, the resulting application does not include the initialisations required for a real device, and most probably does not run on any exisiting boards.

If you want to evaluate a new project wizard that generates running applications for the HiFive1 and Arty E31/E51 boards, you can try the pre-release version available if you update your Eclipse from


You can also try importing one of the pre-configured example projects. See chapter 4 of the Getting Started guide:

Update: the new SiFive C/C++ Project template is part of the official GNU MCU Eclipse distribution.