[Freedom Studio] Older version Freedom Studio

(Rujun Wang) #1

I am trying RISC-V FreeRTOS Qemu demo with Freedom Studio. I have found that an old version of Freedom Studio is used on FreeRTOS official demo. So where can I get the older version Freedom studio?


(Jim Wilson) #2

Is there a reason why the current version doesn’t work with FreeRTOS?

We make releases about every 3 months, and we don’t keep older releases on the web site, but you can build them from the sources, though which source tree to use depends on which older release you need.

(Liviu Ionescu) #3

Building a regular Eclipse product is not a trivial task, and building a complex one, like Freedom Studio, which include, in addition to public plug-ins (like GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins) and proprietary plug-ins, also multiple binary tools (like GCC toolchain, OpenOCD, etc) is almost ‘mission impossible’.

Can you be more specific on the requirements of the RISC-V FreeRTOS Qemu demo that are not met by the latest FreedomStudio?

If what you are missing is the Eclipse RISC-V C/C++ managed build plug-in (no longer installed by default in FreedomStudio, an unfortunate decision in my opinion), you can install it as all other GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins, following the instructions from https://gnu-mcu-eclipse.github.io/plugins/install/.

(Rujun Wang) #4

I am NOT good at working with Freedom Studio or MCU eclipse. The problem I came about is that after the RTOS RISC-V Qemu project is imported, the build command in Freedom did nothing but print out log in console saying that “nothing to do with make all”.

I have noticed that official FreeRTOS website has used an older version of Freedom Studio.
You can have a try:


(Liviu Ionescu) #5

In this case you should consider manually writing make files and doing everything from scratch.

I know that this is tedious, and this is the reason why I developed the GNU MCU Eclipse build plug-ins, to automate this process.

(Rujun Wang) #6

It’s even harder that fix this plugin than writing user’s own Makefile.

I think the core spirit for IDE is just click and click to solve problem but not looking through the whole bunch of scripts to find what’s going on.

I have setup my my own without any MCU Eclipse or plug-ins. Actually, I just want a place to find the older version of Freedom Studio. Why it’s so hard.

Thanks any way.