Freedom E300 MultiZone support

@HEX-Five, I’m trying to run MultiZone on the Freedom E300 Arty RISC-V Platform. While I realize I’m off the known and supported path, I’d still like to experiment with adding custom FPGA logic myself to use within the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), and the E300 does seem to have PMP. Now, there are some address differences between Freedom E300/HiFive1 and the Coreplex IP E31 Evaluation - one of the differences is that the XIP Flash is located at 0x2040_0000 rather than 0x4040_0000. I’m able to take your hex-five/multizone-freedom-e-sdk repo and modify the zone load addresses, but I could not find a way to modify the Loader’s address. Here’s what I’m stuck on at the moment:

java -jar multizone/multizone.jar zone1/zone1.hex zone2/zone2.hex zone3/zone3.hex -o multizone_security --arch=rv32
      	       Hex Five MultiZone(TM) Configurator v.0.1.0          
    Copyright (C) 2018 Hex Five Security Inc. All Rights Reserved     
This version of MultiZone(TM) is meant for evaluation purposes only.  
As such, use of this software is governed by your Evaluation License. 
There may be other functional limitations as described in the         
evaluation kit documentation. The full version of the software does   
not have these restrictions.                                          
Zone 1 : section 0 address 0x20410000 size 0x00006370 
Zone 2 : section 0 address 0x20420000 size 0x00001674 
Zone 3 : section 0 address 0x20430000 size 0x00000d6c 
Loader : section 0 address 0x40400000 size 0x00000ca4 

Could you provide a way for passing the desired Loader load address to multizone.jar? I couldn’t find anything about it from --help.

We are in the process of developing a self-contained MultiZone SDK repo to support multiple boards and vendors. Please check back in a few days. Thanks!