Fedora and Centos for Unmatched Board

Does RISC-V Hifive Sifive Unmatched Board can be booted with images of Centos and Fedora by flashing their images onto and SD acrd.If so kindly provide the OS images if available
Thank you

Centos doesn’t exist anymore, and never supported RISC-V. There is a Fedora RISC-V port. They have an unleashed image, but haven’t published an unmatched image yet. They did build an unofficial F33 image for unmatched. I think they are working on an official F36 image. I would suggest asking in the Libara #fedora-riscv IRC for more info.

If you want to try building your own unmatched images, see


I was able to get Fedora running on my Unmatched using the instructions there. David was actually quite helpful (Kiwi IRC) when I had questions.