Doc update -All references to M.2 should have physical sizes

Now that the board is getting closer to release, people are looking to buy peripherals. Some M.2 cards are likely not compatible due to physical size. So in the manuals, like;

HiFive - Unmatched Getting Started Guide v1p1

they should reference the size of the M.2 cards each slot can take. For example, it appears that the M key slot can only take 30, 60 and 80mm cards. But not 42mm or 110mm cards. So I suggest updating the various pages, 4, 5, and 6 to include the size of the cards each slot can support. Including WIDTH.

As has been mentioned in another thread, their are other uses someone might make of the M.2 M key slot, (video, USB or SATA), that might have different requirements. Like 30mm width. Or 42mm length. Having the allowed sizes documented can prevent mistakes in purchases.

Thank you,


Thanks for the feedback @Arwen

I’ve started the process to add better descriptions for the HiFive Unmatched M.2 compatibilities in the getting started guide. I’m not positive about the production HiFive Unmatched supported sizes so this will require some research.


It’s alright if it takes time.

In some ways, the first batch of Unmatched boards are Beta quality. So buyers should be aware that things won’t be perfect like a regular mass production run.