Unmatched Bluetooth and WiFi Card support

Hello everyone!

I am looking into purchasing a M.2. WiFi expansion card.

Reading the HiFive-Unmatched-Getting-Started-Guide, the Intel 9260.NGWG.NV card is mentioned.

Does this mean that the Unmached board supports the CNVio interface only, or is also PCIe supported?

Specifically, I have found the Intel 9560 model, which I was hoping to purchase instead as it is in stock.

Here is a link to compare the two: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/compare.html?productIds=99446,99445

Many thanks in beforehand.

CNVi is proprietary and only present in Intel processors and chipsets. The M.2 slot on the Unmatched is PCIe.

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Fantastic news. Thanks for the information!

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