DMA available in E31 / Freedom E310 Platform

I see on the top-level diagram from Freedom E300 Platform, that its E31 core has a DMA inside it (here, Ctrl+F on top-level block diagram).

When looking for it in Freedom E310 Platform, I couldn’t find any inside the E31 core (here). The top-level block diagram from FE310 is below.


Is any DMA available on E31 core ? If not, is the DMA on Freedom E310 Platform outside of the core ?
The board I’m working on is the Arty A7 35T, so there’s a Xilinx DMA on it. Just wondering if I’m going to modify the Xilinx or the core one.

Also, I couldn’t find any reference to DMA on freedom github, or any of its submodules referring to freedom-e310. Only found about xdma (the xilinx one).

Hello, can someone from SiFive or a member that have a better understanding about the Freedom E310 see this post? Thanks

Hi - there is actually no DMA on FE310. The latest documents describing the hardware can be found at