Biometric attendance system

My aim is to make a biometric attendance system and to store the data in cloud so
I got these following stuffs.

1.finger print scanner
2.2.8" tft capacitive touch display from ada fruit{for both input and output}
3.Esp8266 wifi module

can i integrate all these components with HIFIVE1 ?
can i expect my desired result?

some one can help me as well.Its my project.

What interfaces do the finger print scanner and display have? How large is the output from the finger print scanner? Where is the image displayed by the touch display stored?

UART for fingerprint scanner and SPI for display
and i will show the details of scanner

The display comes with micro SD card slot and i m still trying to understand the working.I am a beginner.Completely new to me.

is it possible?

If you don’t need more than 16 KB of RAM, and manage to connect the peripherals to the available pins, probably it is.

Thanks a lot

I have connected the pins of finger print sensor module to the hifive1 and i tried for uploading sample “enroll” program from examples from arduino ide .While compiling it shows errors like no file is found"avr/interrupt.h" as i downloaded and added adafruit_fingerprint.h and softwareserial.h zip files in the beginning itself.

so my question is should i create a new library for the module separately that should support with risc-v processors? is my question is right?since the ide is supporting only for avr processors.Kindly guide me