Best RISCV Compiler for windows?

(zerox) #1

I have just joined to this forum. I am working to build a CGRA accelerator for RISCV.

Now I am looking for best RISCV compiler for windows. I have tried lots of them but i don’t know which one is the best.

(Jim Wilson) #2

They are probably all the same compiler, i.e.gcc, just slightly different versions built slightly differently. It shouldn’t matter which one you choose, as long as it works.

(zerox) #3

THX for your response Jim.
Where i can download GCC? Is it possible to disable compressed code in GCC?

(Jim Wilson) #4

We have toolchains on our web site at and scroll down to the software section. Freedom Studio is an eclipse based gui. Then below that we have command line tools. We also have Liviu’s gnu mcu eclipse if you want to try that.

(Martin Lenart) #5

I well proven tool chain, not for free, but widely used and respected as a leading TC in the embedded world is IAR workbench. It’s worth looking into.


(Anton Krug) #6

Other thing with GCC they might supplied with different sets of multilibs (arch/abi combinations), so you might look which sets are bundled just in case you would like to experiment and try code with some extensions on/off

(Liviu Ionescu) #7

FYI, I just repacked the GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V toolchain as the xPack GNU RISC-V Embedded GCC.

The latest SiFive release from May 2019 is available as 8.2.0-3.1.

Support for this new distribution will be available in Eclipse soon.

(Anton Krug) #8

Liviu’s packages are very decent, highly recommending to give them a try.

(zerox) #9

I have tried segger embedded studio for RISC-V. It sounds cool. But i prefer gcc compiler.

I have tried lots of gcc compiler. But i dont know which is better.

(zerox) #10

Thanks for your post,
How can i disable c extension for compiling using this gcc?

(Liviu Ionescu) #11

It is the same tolchain as provided by SiFive, so the same methods should work as well. I guess you should select a proper architecture.