Bare-metal anyone?

Hi all. This board is very exciting. I want to bring up a bare-metal system for it.
All in the name of freedom, liberty and clobbering corporate monopoly.
Besides, if you want a truly tight platform, bare-metal is the only way…

I am doing something similar for the beaglebone and I intend to migrate to SIFive.
So, let’s collaborate.

anyone in?


I’m designing such a system myself based on few improvements to the lofive design. I’m interested.

EDIT: If you are still interested in pursuing it

yes, i am still interested. i am currently working on the beaglebone black it is up and running somewhat. however, i want to migrate to sifive. they now have a 1ghz board with ethernet, which is a biggie.
what have you got?

I am currently working on the FE310 SoC for a particular project. I don’t yet have the experience of working with anything bigger just yet

You can take a look at the projects generated by the Eclipse SiFive template. They are part of the GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins.