Adding custom applications to freedom-u-sdk

(Brendon Chetwynd) #1

I am attempting to add a custom application to my freedom-u-sdk build. Using some hello worlds as an example, I have added a package directory (with a local site method) to buildroot and modified the buildroot_rootfs_config to select the new package. It even shows up as selected when I do a ‘make buildroot_rootfs-menuconfig’.

However, it never seems to show up in the root file system when I boot the Freedom U500 (I am overwrite my SD card after every build).

Is there a trick I am missing?


(Jim Sughrue) #2

Hi Brendon,

You may need to remove the initramfs cpio with ‘rm work/initramfs.cpio.*’ to get new (custom/manual) additions to the buildroot initramfs to be incorporated into the fit image.