Freedom-u-sdk submodule command does nothing on Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04

(Fahad Mubeen) #1

Hi I tried both Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 in both the cases I am able to install tools, download the git repo but when the run the submodule command it does nothing. No thing is checkout out

git submodule update --init --recursive

When I type this nothing happens, no download or anything. What is am I missing. There is no make file or anything changes in folder, the default folder has size of 12.1Kb.


(Jim Wilson) #2

freedom-u-sdk has been obsoleted and replaced with a OpenEmbedded layer. See the file.

If you want the first version of the freedom-u-sdk sources, you can find them on the legacy v1_0 branch. These sources were used to build the original image that ships with the board, but aren’t useful for development.

If you want the second version of the freedom-u-sdk sources, you can find them on the archive/buildroot branch. These are useful for development, but are no longer maintained.

The third version of the freedom-u-sdk sources is what you have now, and the just points at our open embedded layer.

(Fahad Mubeen) #3

Thanks @jimw for the quick response :slight_smile: , I think this info should removed from the SiHive Unleashed getting started guide if it’s no longer supported. The latest version of guide had it mentioned on page 15 and doesn’t tell if it’s obsolete or replaced by OpenEmbedded Layer.

(Jim Wilson) #4

Good point. I filed an internal bug report. The docs were written for the sources on the v1_0 branch, but these aren’t useful for development work. I would suggest trying the instructions in the current file to use Open Embedded, or try the archive/buildroot branch if you want a debian rootfs.