Menuconfig and build root

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build custom Linux image and add custom packages employing make buildroot-menuconfig. I have tried to add python and other text editors (joe), and some custom files and dirs into /opt directory, as well. Menuconfig saved configuration to freedom-u-sdk/work/buildroot/.config location, but image produced doesn’t contain any packages I tried to include. However, MD5 sums for new and default images are different. I also tried to change root password, just to be sure, but when I boot linux using newly produced image, the password is the default one - sifive. I also observed awkward behavior in menuconfig - it isn’t possible to delete characters in string value fields (i.e. root password), only to add.

I suspect your problem stems from this line in the freedom-u-sfk/Makefile:
$(MAKE) -C $< RISCV=$(RISCV) PATH=$(PATH) O=$(buildroot_wrkdir) riscv64_defconfig

… That is probably overwriting your configuration changes with the default values. Try remove that line.

Also, another joe user! Yay!

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Thanks. This solves the problem. Unfortunately, some packages (like python) can’t be build due to libffi error:

configure: error: “libffi has not been ported to riscv64-buildroot-linux-gnu.”

Well, it looks to me like the error message is telling you what you need to do. :wink:

(I think someone may already have ported it, though, so google around)