515 Board (a USB RISC-V based radio transceiver)

I have been developing a receiver for a custom wireless mechanical keyboard for a while now and originally had based it on a Texas Instruments chip but have switched to the E310 for it.

The two main things I want for this board is to be really small and also be useful for other things (maybe to form the radio+microcontroller part of a bigger project later on). Revision 2 of the board only breaks out the JTAG and UART pins and two for connection to USB but if I have space on my PCB I’ll put bring out some more.

Also if this is going to work at all I’m going to have to port V-USB to it and that will be my first challenge (which I’ll probably do on a LoFive board to start with even before I have built my own PCB).

The plan is to make a few prototypes at home but if there is any kind of community interest I am open to getting a production run done - otherwise I just thought I’d share my work here so anyone else can benefit from it.

Thanks go to Michael Welling who made the LoFive for the advice which has made it possible to get this far (and indeed for making the LoFive in the first place!)

Schematic available on my website and KiCAD PCB files will follow soon: