Why is VSC8541 driver not loaded in unmatched?It is normal

Why is VSC8541 driver not loaded in unmatched?, Does the network card driver not transmit through DMA at present?




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I am now migrating the on-board network card at EDKII. and there are few data. I hope to get your help,thank you

The VSC8541-0[12] (changes between Unleashed and Unmatched) is just the PHY. DMA is done by the MAC, not the PHY, and is used. Note that this is the MAC’s own DMA controller, not SiFive’s platform DMA controller, which is irrelevant here.

Now I have understood the SIFIVE DMA controller ,But I still don’t understand The VSC8541-0 [12] (changes between Unleashed and Unmatched),The controllers are all a Cadence GEMGXL Gigabit Ethernet Controller. However, why is the VSC8541-2 driver not loaded when it is unmatched? In Unleached, the VSC8541-1driver is loaded,

In Unleached

In Unmatched

Like I said, the driver is just for the PHY. The MAC is the Cadence part, and where the DMA controller lies, located on the FU740 SoC itself. I don’t know why it’s loaded on the Unleashed and not the Unmatched for you. Maybe you have different kernel configs, maybe the probing is broken, I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter, you don’t need it for much. FreeBSD doesn’t even bother with a specific driver for that PHY, it just uses its generic MII PHY driver.

I see. Thank you. I saw the log in the latest uboot. For example, the intel network card driver is not loaded in my environment

What’s your question? There’s no e1000 on the board.

I see what you’re quoting. Those are two random kernel boot logs in U-Boot’s documentation from completely different kernel versions built by completely different people run by completely different people at completely different times. Of course there are going to be differences between their outputs. Comparing them means basically nothing unless you’re trying to figure out hardware differences between the two, in which case you should carefully interpret what’s there rather than blindly assuming every line is significant.

I understand, but they are all on the HiFive Unmatched Development Platform, and they are on-board network cards rather than PCIE network cards,this question is not important anymore. I have understood my subject question now. Thank you for your reply