How can I get the ethernet datasheet of the Unmatched board

I am developing the ethernet chip driver for the Unmatchec board.

In the existing manual, I did not see the description of the ethernet registers.

Is there a datasheet for the ethernet cadence macb chip of Unmatched?

Xilinx’s Zynq-7000 SoC Technical Reference Manual (UG585) Chapter 16 documents the same part as is used on the HiFive Unmatched

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Thank you very much for your help !
Found the datasheet for ethernet:

Have you used DMA transmission?

Both Linux and FreeBSD use the Cadence MAC’s DMA controller. I don’t know if it even supports non-DMA use. Note this is not using the SiFive platform DMA controller.

I have written the Ethernet driver for the Unmatced fu740 board in rust language, which can be used as a separate rust crate. This ethernet driver uses DMA as ring buffer for sending and receiving.
Please see: GitHub - elliott10/cadence-macb: Cadence Macb ethernet driver in Rust on Sifive fu740 board

thank you