Which test-program could be used in RTL simulation?


I have downloaded sifive_coreip_E24_AHB_rtl_eval_v19_05p1_release from your website, and I want to do some RTL simulations. I run make TARGET=design-rtl PROGRAM=dhrystone CONFIGURATION=release software in freedom-e-sdk. But it returned:

dhrystone section '.text' will not fit in region 'flash'
dhrystone section '.bss' will not fit in region 'ram'
region 'flash' overflowed by 12744 bytes
region 'ram' overflowed by 4224 bytes

It seems that the LENGTH of flash and ram in freedom-e-sdk/bsp/design-rtl/metal.ramrodata.lds is too small:

Is it OK for me to change it to a larger value for RTL simulation?