Link error of DHRYSTONE

Just got HiFive1 and tried to build DHRYSTONE using freedomstudio .
I tried “SiFiveTools” -> “New Freedom E SDK Projeck” -> “DHRYSTONE”
And 4 errors occurred.

Description Resource Path Location Type
dhrystone section .bss' will not fit in regionram’ sifive-hifive1-dhrystone C/C++ Problem
make: *** [Makefile:191: /h/freedomstudio/fsworkspace/sifive-hifive1-dhrystone/src/release/dhrystone.elf] Error 2 sifive-hifive1-dhrystone C/C++ Problem
make[1]: *** [Makefile:14: dhrystone] Error 1 sifive-hifive1-dhrystone C/C++ Problem
region `ram’ overflowed by 3556 bytes sifive-hifive1-dhrystone C/C++ Problem

The other examples such “hello” “coremark” build and run well . I do not know how to fit it. Dose anyone meet the same situation?

Looks like your linker script is smaller than your application. Either enlarge your linker script (if it will still fit the target) or shrink the application. Not sure if either is applicable for you.

Thanks for reply . I tried to enlarge the linker script ,the elf file is 294KB ,and when debug the program it goes into “early_trap_vector” for error,I think the makefile for hifive1 has some problem .
text data bss dec hex filename
28102 6832 13474 48408