Where is the BuildSteps tab in FreedomStudio

(AdeM) #1

Potentially a stupid question !
I’m using FreedomStudio version
I need to see the BuildSteps tab - in the manuals it says it is under properties->C/C++ Build->Settings.
It doesn’t seem to be there or anyplace else. I have attached a screen shot. I’m using the qemu-sfive-e31-example-spi project.


(Carsten Gosvig) #2

Where in the manual do you see this?
The settings for the compiler should be added manually in the debug.mk file.

(AdeM) #3

BuildSteps isn’t a compiler option it’s a build option.
I found that if I create a new C project then the Build Steps is there.
It’s just when I use Freedom E SDK Software Project it isn’t there.
I think i can get around this.
In any case here’s a picture of the manual (the one that comes with FreedomStudio):

(Carsten Gosvig) #4

Oh yes - that is the standard Eclipse C/C++ help pages.
When using Freedom E SDK Software Project, that is not available, and should not be needed.
What is it you would like to accomplish using that?

(AdeM) #5

What we want to do is run our own python scripts in the PreBuild which will create new .c and .h files that are needed in the build. This is essential for us. Is there a way to do this ?

(Carsten Gosvig) #6

The only way would be to alter the Makefile in your freedom-e-sdk project.
There you could add a make target for running your python scripts before the make target that builds the .c and .h files into the executable.