(Brendon Chetwynd) #1


I am trying to better understand the tethering dependency and how it applies (if at all) to the Freedom U500.


  1. Is there a good explanation of what tethering is?
  2. Is tethering more of a legacy thing that only applies to older cores?
  3. In turn, does it apply to the Freedom U500


(Wesley W. Terpstra) #2

Could you please be more specific. What tethering are you referring to?

(Brendon Chetwynd) #3

In looking at some documentation on the RocketChip, there are older ones that are dependent on a companion processor via the Host Target Interface (HTIF). Has that been deprecated and is it present in the Freedom U500?


(Wesley W. Terpstra) #4

HTIF is not used in any SiFive product. It was an interface used by Berkeley to run cores without a surrounding SoC.