Setting up freeRTOS on HiFive1 rev b. Program "make" not found in PATH

I followed all the instructions at, even going as far as to changing the link in path to C:\FreedomStudio-2020-06-3-win64\SiFive\riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc-8.3.0-2020.04.1\bin and switching the compiler to the cross compiler. Whenever, I try to build the project, I get a Program “make” not found in PATH error. What could be causing this?

Freedom Studio project wizard can create a FreeRTOS example run on HiFive board. May be give it a try then figure why manual process failed to work?

It worked. Thanks!

I also met the this error when tried to build FreeRTOS package ,which downloaded from freertos, by Freedom Studio IDE on Windows

make -j4 all 
Cannot run program "make": Launching failed

Error: Program "make" not found in PATH

To solve this error: add below paths to your PATH environment variable: