Make software fail

(soldier) #1

Hi all,
when I complie my program under I get the following message:
make -C /useracc/yblin/riscv/hifive1a/tools/cinco/hardware/freedom_e/freedom-e-sdk/software/uart_test clean
make[1]: Entering directory /useracc/yblin/riscv/hifive1a/tools/cinco/hardware/freedom_e/freedom-e-sdk/software/uart_test' make[1]: *** No rule to make targetclean’. Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/useracc/yblin/riscv/hifive1a/tools/cinco/hardware/freedom_e/freedom-e-sdk/software/uart_test’
make: *** [software_clean] Error 2

My comilation command is ‘make software PROGRAM=uart_test BOARD=freedom-e300-hifive1’

How can I solve this problem.


(Abdul Muneeb) #2

Once make clean and then check that you provide valid directory then run make.