SDK recommendation

Something (user friendly) like Mac xcode (build, native run, debug) ?

Does GCC work with Unmached ? Can I safely install with "sudo apt install gcc? ?
Does GCC handle .s (assembler) file. And how to debug ?

You can do native development with Unmatched which is easier than cross development.

An SDK depends on what OS you are running on Unmatched, and there is more than one OS available for Unmatched. You can build an SDK from Open Embedded if you want one. If you have a recent linux distro, like Ubuntu 20.04, you can apt install a riscv64-linux cross compiler, which will then produce code that runs on the the riscv64 ubuntu 20.04 image. Other desktop distros have the same support if recent enough.

The board ships with OpenEmbedded, and includes gcc and llvm. But there is no online repository of packages that you can install from. if you want more packages, you need to build OpenEmbedded configured with extra packages. However, if you install any popular desktop OS, like Ubuntu/Debian/OpenSuse/Fedora/etc then the usual apt/dnf/whatever commands should work like any other linux system.

Yes, gcc handles .s files just like any other linux system. You can use gdb to debug.

I don’t use graphical development environments myself, but in theory one could use Eclipse. We don’t build it for Unmatched. We do have an Eclipse package with cross toolchains for embedded development, but not for Unmatched development, at least not yet.

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