RISCV Torture Test

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Deos riscv-torture tests need to be updated to work with the latest rocket chip code?

I also posted this on the google HW group, ( https://groups.google.com/a/groups.riscv.org/forum/#!topic/hw-dev/1WwDc1FB4P4) and in the issues section on the riscv-torture github page.

Any help or comment on this would be helpful.
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rocket-chip tags a version of torture against which it regularly runs regessions. As of this moment, that version is

77195ab  on Nov 14, 2016 @ccelio  ccelio Fix virtual tests.

It’s quite possible that there is some mismatch between the latest riscv-torture and the rocket-chip code/compilation flow, but I would see if you can get your setup to work with the known-working version first.

Sorry, I stand corrected, these aren’t actually in the rocket-chip Travis regression. They probably are out of date.

Hi Megan,

Thank you for your response.
Do you know of any plans to update these in the future?

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Fixed via (https://github.com/ucb-bar/riscv-torture/pull/16).

Rocket chip was using a newer privileged specification and the torture’s test-environment wasn’t bumped to reflect those updates.


Thanks Celio. I’ll check out the update and let you know if there are any issues.


Hi, we would like to use Torture as a starting point for testing, and build upon it. Is the version in Sept 2018 rocket chip up to date? We are having some issues, and I’m wondering if they may be due to out of date torture code.