Resetting the Board

I am facing some problems with booting, and I would like to reset this board. I tried reflashing my OS image onto the microSD, but it does not seem to work. I also cannot use Serial connections because my hardware is very finicky with them.

Is there any way to reset the board using the hardware itself? Any other idea is also appreciated.

The DIP switch is set to sd card startup and press the PWR ON and PORESET keys
[HiFive Unmatched Getting Started Guide v1p4 (]

What brand of micro SD are you using? I had several that the fimware couldn’t handle during boot.

I finally got it working with this one…

I am using this microSD card: it seemed to work when I flashed the OS onto it. I made some changes to the device tree and reflashed the OS and that is what broke the booting process.

Thank you! I will try this and let you know the results.

Follow this link:
riscv-bringup/ at master · carlosedp/riscv-bringup (