RAM size

I saw in the documentation for e.g. SiFive E34.
That DTIM is:
0x8000_0000 0x8000_3FFF RWX A DTIM (16 KiB)
0x8000_4000 0xFFFF_FFFF Reserved

But in linker files, the allocation of RAM is 0x10000
ram (arw!xi) : ORIGIN = 0x80000000, LENGTH = 0x10000

Can we use 0x10000 of DTIM? Are documentation or linker wrong? :slight_smile:

If you if you specify your core with 64 KB of DTIM, sure. For example like the FE310-G003 in the Dr Who BBC/Tynker board (but that’s E31 not E34 of course)