Questions on HiFive1 Rev B and tflite micro

Hi all
I am new to Risc-v and starting with HiFive1 Rev B. I am using FreedomStudio IDE. I can see that it have a few sample code with FreeRTOS.

  1. What about Zephyr RTOS? Does this board not support it? If yes, reference and sample codes?
  2. I am interested to run tflite micro on Rev B board. How can I do it?Procedure to implement it? Any sample codes?
  3. Can tflite micro run on freertos/zephyr rtos?if yes, how? any reference?


Hi Abhishek,

We don’t have any Zephyr demos, but notice that Zephyr has built-in support for HiFive1 Rev B:

So hopefully getting started with it will be relatively easy.

As for your questions about TFLite Micro, our AI/ML focus is dedicated to our new Performance and Intelligence Series IP:

Sorry that we can’t help you.