Powersupplied died and took board with it

Hello everyone,

Had a bit of unfortunate accident where my powersupply died and took the board with it.
The good news is that I think the damage have been localized to the U36A IC and hoping to get a replacement.

The schematics say this is DA9063-AEHO2 but I am unable to find the exact make only different versions of DA9063.

Anybody willing to help to find something that will work on the board?

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Hi @Mariuspersen sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. Briefly looking into it, the use of this Renesas part infuriates me no end. Your unfortunate discovery raises a highly important point, being the use of ‘unobtanium’ parts in hobbyist-friendly designs and products. Renesas, for one, must be completely despised, only second to NXP/Philips. It’s clear that some designer contracted to the Unmatched effort got benefit or kickback from the vendor for using such a poorly-sourced and somewhat secret or unpublic version of such a part.

So far, I believe that the letter ‘E’ designation in the suffix is actually a ‘0’. I am waiting on some call backs from folks I know at Renesas to confirm.

Power systems and supplies always have been regarded as low tech and, thus, get little attention during system design. However, power is the most important part of even the most advanced architecture – like the foundation of a house.

The key point your unfortunate observation raises is that we must source and acquire the FU740 in its raw I.C. chip form and do our own proper design, with simple yet robust supporting components which are all easily and readily sourced, imdustry standard, and worldwide common.

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