Porting github files


Is there any restriction (official or otherwise) in porting (mostly copying & renaming) files from the SiFive gitihubs (e.g. GitHub - sifive/freedom-u-sdk: Freedom U Software Development Kit (FUSDK) & GitHub - sifive/meta-sifive: SiFive OpenEmbedded / Yocto BSP Layer) to other Linux distributions?


The intent is that all of the code is open source, and most of it has been upstreamed. Everything required for the boards to work should be upstream. I think only some of the optional stuff and local config stuff isn’t upstream. If you need patches for a specific kernel or u-boot version that isn’t upstream then you can grab them from freedom-u-sdk if theyhappen to be there. Borrowing patches should be fine. You should eventually move to the upstream stuff though.

A notable set of patches that aren’t upstream yet but are not fluff is the case fan / PWM bits :eyes: