PCIe Link is DOWN


I have built and booted Linux, but it doesn’t recognize PCIe network card (supported Realtek). I have examined boot terminal log and found:

[ 10.440000] xilinx-pcie-rv pcie: PCIe Link is DOWN

This entry appears with and without connected card, with external FMC card power supply as well with onboard supply via VC707.

Have someone encountered similar problem?

Thinking way back, I believe we had this problem with some not-so-electrically-great PCIe cards. Have you tried a few different cards? We use a uCube3 box here now, and it seems to tolerate cards better than the FMC adapter.

No. But I think this is not the problem with the card. I got the same entry without any card attached to FMC adapter. Can you post your bbl.bin file somewhere? I tried to make it on different platform, but there is no difference.

If there is no card attached, then link down is the expected behaviour… there is no link after all.