OpenOCD interface with Freedom-e300-Hifive1

Hi All,

Recently I’ve purchased a freedom-e310-hifive1 board and am attempting to interface with it via the pre-built OpenOCD installation for Windows from

When I plug the board in, I see the light on the board changing colours and I received a notification that the driver software was installed successfully. It is also visible in my Device Manager. See the command prompt output for the command I used and the output I received. I also took a screenshot of the .cfg file I used which is part of the freedom-e-sdk files. I’ve had success with talking to other boards using a very similar command but things don’t seem to be as smooth this time around. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The last I heard, the tools are not working well (at all?) on Windows, SiFive is working on it, but for now the recommended approach is to work with the HiFive1 from a Linux VM.

With our newest release of Freedom Studio, we support Windows. We include driver utilities to help with these issues. I suggest that you download the Windows version of Freedom Studio ( and follow the directions in Appendix C “Windows Board Setup”:

After that, either the GUI or your command line tools should work, please let us know if you still have issues.

(The helper utility is just an easy to use wrapper around the Zadig driver installer (, because we need the libusb drivers installed for use with OpenOCD, rather than the Windows default drivers).

I’ll update my internal database :slight_smile:

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@brucehoult we have yet to update our Arduino BSP to support Windows, so you’re not all wrong! Thanks for your help.

@mwachs5 @brucehoult Apologies for the delayed response. Thank you both for your help, that did the trick.