Freedom Studio and Freedom ARTY E300 Evaluation - OpenOCD connection fails

Hi all,

I have a Freedom E300 ARTY FPGA Devkit. I did not update the FPGA or the software running in it. It is the stock version. On power up, it brings up menu driven demo program to control the RGB LEDs, push button and slide switches.

I downloaded Sifive Freedom studio package for Windows, unzipped and imported the example projects that come along with it. Compiled the projects successfully. To do a debug connection, devkit is connected to an Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H probe. The wiring is done as mentioned in SiFive-E310-arty-gettingstarted-v1.0.6.pdf. On debug connection using OpenOCD, it gives the following error.

I have checked the wiring multiple times and I could not find any mis-connections. I have attached snapshots.

Are there any clues about what could be wrong?


Apologies for the third picture. Cannot make out anything from it. Re-uploading it.

As far as I can see, the wiring looks ok. Do you see the Olimex driver appearing in your hardware manager?

@sandeepvl, did you upload the MCS image from SiFive’s website? The Arty Board when shipped from Digilent has their own demo program not provided by SiFive. I didn’t see it as a step that you did to reprogram the MCS image. You will need to do that in order to make the debugger connection. You can get the MCS image with the “Claim the Bitstream” button here:

Thank you. I thought the default bit file will have the JTAG connections. Programmed SiFive_E31_Coreplex_FPGA_Evaluation_v1p0_r0.mcs. It worked.