Jtag debug problem

(缎带红绸) #1

I try to burn the rocket-chip and debug by jtag.
I use openocd to connect the core. But it reports some errors.
Can anyone help me.Thanks.

(Anton Krug) #2

That could be invoked from the Freedom E SPI controller by the erase/write/read-id commands. Not sure if this is directly the cause, or just side effect of something else, but you could double check if you have everything configured correctly?

(Tim Newsome) #3

Those errors come from the FESPI flash detection code. If you don’t have such flash in your system (likely) you should remove the flash bank command from the OpenOCD configuration file.

(缎带红绸) #4

thanks a lot.
I have connected the rocketchip with jtag.