Is it possible/suitable to design a GPU based on RISC-V


I’m new to the RISC-V ecosystem. I’d like to know if it is possible/suitable to design a GPU based on RISC-V (i.e. a kind of extension of RISC-V)?
I was watching this talk from Martin Fink (CTO of WD). During the talk he said the ISA is more suitable to build an application specific processor regarding the datas. So I’d like to know is it a good idea to this ISA for GPU?

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This is not really a question specific to SiFive or SiFive products, so you might be better discussing it on a wider RISC-V forum, such as hw-dev or isa-dev here…

I can say that in my experience a GPU instruction set is very much the same as any other. You want to have saturating arithmetic instructions, just as with audio processing (and likely in a future standard extension to RISC-V), and also just a couple of very specialist things such as texture lookup. There are a lot of square roots too, so some help with that, such as a “reciprocal square root approximation” instruction are useful.


Thanks a lot @bruce for the reply.
I’m very sorry to ask the question here.

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