How to burn MicroSD card with factory software

Where is the image of the sd card that come with Unmatched board ?

How to burn the image (OS X or windows) on blank sd card ?

Can I use this image:
factory microSD:

I believe the board ships with fusdk 2021.03.1. But you can use the 2021.05 image too, or any other image 2021.03.1 or later. There are instructions in the fusdk README that give the dd command to use.

Oh, you are asking about OS X or Windows. I don’t know. Maybe someone else can help. I would think that any program that knows how to write disk images would work.

On this page from Jawn-Smith there are instructions on how to use Raspberry Pi Imager tool to install Ubuntu. You just have to swap the Ubuntu image indicated in this example by the official image of May. It should work. I would avoid doing it on the original SD card delivered with the Unmatched with the March release.
Just in case something would go wrong.

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xzcat and dd work perfectly (Ubuntu on Mac).

Thank you.

Thank you for the link. I will install Ubuntu 21.04 soon…

You should be able to use Rufus ( , Windows only) or Etcher (balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives , Windows/macOS/Linux) utilities to flash disk images to microSD card. dd also works on macOS and might be working with WSL2 on Windows side too (never tested).

More details could be available on HiFive Unmatched Software Reference Manual under HiFive Unmatched - SiFive

WSL2 has no access to USB. WSL1 apparently does.

Thank you for the Mac balenaEtcher link. Very easy to use…