HiFive1/Cinque case

When the HiFive1 was first released somebody enquired about whether a case was available. Unfortunately, while similar to an Arduino Uno the board isn’t exactly the same so it doesn’t fit in existing cases.

Pictured is an enclosure for the HiFive1 - and, I presume, the Cinque - courtesy of a coworker who very kindly made me a design for 3D printing. He’s also happy to let me share it with the community.

Please find the STL files for printing and the original Blender model here. I had mine printed for ~$8 from 3D Hubs.

Looks nice!

I’m currently using an arduino case I found on ebay with the front side removed to avoid blocking the usb connector. One problem I have with the case is that the ioref 3V/5V jumper near the back sticks out too much, so the top side gets a little curved as the jumper pushes into it. I know I can fix this if I replace the jumper with a low-profile one, but I don’t have one handy.

I was wondering, is there enough space in this case for that large jumper that comes with the hifive1? Or do I need to find a smaller jumper to fit your case without curving the top?

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Glad you like it! Yes, there’s enough space to accommodate the jumper.