Hi guys,

I have never played with an Arduino so I might be asking a question with an obvious answer but as far as I understood the HiFive1 has the same form factor as an Arduino? Which of them? Also, where can I find a case or stand for the board?


Paulo Matos

It has the same form factor as Arduino Uno, 101, and Zero. Generally if something just says “Arduino” this is the form factor they mean. These boards all have the same PCB footprint and mounting holes, and the external power jack is the same place, but they do differ in the type and exact position of the USB jack, so a little drilling may be necessary (most of the project boxes assume you’ll be drilling some holes anyway).

You can look for Arduino accessories from sites like Sparkfun and Adafruit. Here’s a few links that could work for you (I have not used any of these). I searched for “Arduino enclosure”:


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I found one for an Arduino Uno for ~$2 at a local store and then snapped off one of the panels to expose the micro-USB connector:

It’s not pretty, I can’t reach the Reset button, for instance, but it’ll protect my HiFive1 when I chuck it in my backpack. Having said that, I recently had a work project which needed a prototype case made so we went down the 3D printing route. It turned out finding a local printer was very easy (offer may not be valid if you live outside a large urban area):

It’s also easy to find open-source 3D designs for Arduino cases and modifying one for the connector layout of the HiFive1 could be a fun side project.

Thanks for the links. Might have to find something like that in Germany. Nothing showing up at the moment.

I would really like to maybe have a supporting rack instead of a case. Any ideas on how to build/buy one in Europe for delivery in Germany?